Secure Payment Terms

At POYAS jewelry, we have always attached great importance to the security of our customers' payments. To ensure the privacy and security of our customers' payment information, we have taken a series of security measures.

Firstly, we have partnered with leading payment service providers such as Klarna, Oceanpayment, and PayPal to ensure the security and reliability of every transaction. These payment service providers use advanced security technologies, such as data encryption, real-time transaction monitoring, and risk management, to protect customers' payment information from being leaked or tampered with.

Secondly, we have adopted the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), a global data security standard aimed at protecting cardholder data. Our payment system has also undergone multiple certifications and audits to ensure its security and reliability.

In addition, we use the latest anti-fraud technology to protect customers' account security. Our security system automatically monitors orders and transactions, identifying any abnormal behavior and fraud suspicions to ensure the security of customers' accounts and payment information.

Finally, we promise not to disclose customers' payment and personal information to any third party, protecting customers' privacy rights.

In conclusion, POYAS jewelry is committed to providing customers with the safest and most reliable payment services. We have adopted the most advanced technologies and measures to protect customers' payment information and privacy from any threats. We believe that only when customers trust our payment security and privacy protection, can they enjoy shopping with peace of mind.