Help & FAQs

            POYAS Jewelry Frequently Asked Questions

POYAS is a well-known jewelry brand that offers a range of high-quality jewelry products. Here are some common questions and answers about POYAS jewelry:

  1. What materials are used in POYAS jewelry? POYAS jewelry primarily uses materials such as gold, platinum, diamond, sapphire, and ruby.

  2. How do I take care of my POYAS jewelry? POYAS jewelry requires regular cleaning and maintenance. You can use mild soap and a soft-bristled brush to clean the surface of the jewelry. Avoid wearing jewelry while swimming, soaking in hot springs, doing household chores, and other activities to prevent damage to the jewelry from chemicals and friction.

  3. Does POYAS jewelry come with a warranty? POYAS jewelry comes with a one-year warranty period. Within this period, if there is a malfunction due to a manufacturing defect, it can be repaired free of charge.

  4. How do I purchase POYAS jewelry? POYAS jewelry can be purchased on the official website or in physical stores. When purchasing, pay attention to details such as the quality, material, weight, size, and style of the jewelry.

  5. How can I tell if my POYAS jewelry is genuine? You can confirm the authenticity of POYAS jewelry through the official website, physical stores, and certification documents. In addition, pay attention to details such as the craftsmanship, material, and style of the jewelry to avoid purchasing counterfeit and inferior jewelry.

  6. Can I return or exchange POYAS jewelry? POYAS jewelry offers a seven-day no-questions-asked return or exchange service, provided that the jewelry is unused and undamaged. When returning or exchanging, be sure to keep the original packaging and related certificates.

  7. How do I choose the right POYAS jewelry for me? Choosing the right POYAS jewelry depends on factors such as personal preferences, personality, and occasions. You can choose jewelry that suits you based on the style, material, size, and other factors. In addition, you can consult with a professional jewelry consultant or jewelry designer for advice.