POYA Jewelry website adheres to the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) standard, which is a security standard developed by major credit card organizations worldwide to protect cardholder credit card data.

We have implemented a range of measures to protect your credit card data. Firstly, we use the latest encryption technology to encrypt your credit card information to ensure that your information is maximally protected during transmission. We also use firewall and security audit technology to ensure that our systems and websites are not subject to hacking and fraudulent activity.

In addition, we conduct regular security audits and vulnerability scans to ensure that our systems and websites always comply with PCI DSS standards. Our employees also receive relevant security training and guidance to ensure that they understand how to protect customer credit card data and can identify potential security risks.

Finally, our PCI symbol icon indicates that we have passed PCI DSS security certification. This symbol represents that our website is secure and you can confidently use your credit card to shop on our website. We are committed to protecting your credit card data and personal privacy and providing you with a secure and reliable shopping experience.

PCI(Payment Card Industry)covers credit cards issued by major credit card organizations including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and others. The primary goal of PCI standards is to ensure that merchants and payment processors take necessary measures to protect cardholders' credit card data and avoid the risk of credit card fraud and data breaches.